Bike Sportsters

The Harley-Davidson Sportster has been around since 1957. It is Harley-Davidson’s entry level line of bikes. There are five Sportster models: the XLH-883, XLH-883 Hugger, XLH-1200, XLH-1200C Custom (not pictured), and the XLH-1200S Sport. The XLH-883 Deluxe has been discontinued this year. In its place the 883, the 883 Hugger, and the XLH-1200 come with an option to get spoked wheels.

The first thing most people notice about a Sportster is that it is smaller than the other models. This makes it less intimidating for the new or small rider. The second thing most people notice is the lower price — Sportsters are substantially less expensive than the other models.

Sportsters are good around-town bikes. They are quick, light and nimble. The XLH-1200 is the quickest Harley due to its superior power-to-weight ratio. The Sportster also handles well because of it’s short wheel base and steep head angle. Sportsters come with either an 883cc Evolution engine or a 1200cc Evolution engine. The engines are bolted directly to the frame and do not use rubber mounting systems. All Sportsters come with five speed transmissions and belt drives.

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